It’s all so hard. From elementary school I’ve had severe anxiety, it’s been 9 years of this. I lost my whole highschool experience and it’s all so frustrating, I had to watch everyone else have the best time of their life’s and their was nothing I could do. It’s been a non stop fight for so so long. I’ve seen 6 therapists been on 4 different meds and much more. I wish I had ppl in my life, my parents fight a lot so hime doesn’t always feel like home and I have no friends it’s just so hard. I have a very loving bf but recently he said I’ve been affecting his happiness and I feel so awful. I wish I could be anyone else I really do, i feel so loney and im so tired of the constant battle. My bf said it hurts him cause it looks like I’ve given up, how do I tell him im just exhausted and feel nothing like me anymore. I feel so alone in all.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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    First off, you're alone. I saw 8 therapists before I found my one. Its kinda funny like you therapist soulmate. It takes time. Everyone here is ready with open arms to help❤️ We'll all get through this together

  • Afsara


    It’s hard for a lot of people to be empathetic towards you unless they have struggled like that themselves, and I know how frustrating that is. I’ve also been lonely and have pretty much no support system. Therapy helps me release my emotions, but has not improved much for me yet.

  • Invisible


    I could have written that post minus the boyfriend part. I am here if you need to chat.💕

  • rjl2tx


    Been in the same boat for years. I had medical issues on top of depression and anxiety issues. My family just thought of the stigmas and what other family members thought. I am now paying the price of those actions. High school and middle school went by like blurs. I don’t even remember half of what happened-just remember a lot of bad times. I feel like a lot of that is why school sucked so much. Seeing a counselor that is helping me get past the past-but yeah it is hard. Writing this a few days after getting fired for anxiety issues and someone else was better at the job than me. Wish life was easier for people who deal with life with issues like this.

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