I know hyper mobility can be a component of EDS, but how do you distinguish between the symptoms of a full EDS diagnosis and hyper mobility syndrome? I feel like my joints pop out of place or get really wobbly but I haven’t seen a geneticist yet. Do people with “only” hyper mobility syndrome experience this as well?

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  • UnluckyUnicorn


    I would look up the diagnostic criteria for EDS, specifically hypermobile EDS. Stretchy skin, easy bruising, and other things in combination with hypermobility is EDS. Unstable joints can be simply hypermobile or hypermobile spectrum disorder if it’s causing pain

  • Jadie


    The thing that helped me was Izzy Kornblaus videos on youtube about the diagnostic criteria. She has hEDS and is in school to be a geneticist and all that so she keeps a very technical approach. Also made a video with other people with the condition. I would look at the diagnostic questions not just where you are hypermoble. Shes very helpful

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