hey guys, i’m an adult who has started looking back at some life patterns, a lot of which are consistent with adhd. i talked to my doctor about it and she said i could get tested if i wanted to, but she didn’t seem super enthused about me going. i’ve had a lot of anxiety things come up within the past year, so i’m wondering if her hesitation had to do with that, or if she just doesn’t think adhd is likely. the main reason i would want a diagnosis is for my own validation, i think, plus any accommodations i might need in the future. does anyone have any thoughts about whether getting a diagnosis is “worth it” if you’re not necessarily looking for medication?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Ashee


    It's definitely worth it.

  • Haleyc210


    It’s worth it. These doctors attitudes have everything to do with their own bias. It’s your brain.

  • 100Percent_K


    It can be worth it if they can get you accommodations, otherwise it’s just a lot of time, energy, and usually money spent to give you a label that someone could probably put on your record for less work

  • MixedBag0fMess


    Honestly, yes. The validation alone is worth it When I was diagnosed with each of my individual diagnosis, it felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. The “that’s what’s wrong with me” thought was very powerful and important to me Of course it depends on the individual, if you think it will help, it probably will, even if just to remind you to treat yourself gently

  • dandboy151


    Do it for sure! I got diagnosed four months ago and now my entire life up to this point is starting to make sense

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