Does anyone have any tips for getting past intense compulsions to have things “just right” or repeat things (like flipping light switches or walking) until it feels just right? I have been driving my partner insane constantly flipping the switches in our apartment until it feels right for me. Knowing my compulsions are likely bothering someone I love deeply is frustrating and a little alienating because he doesn’t understand why I do these things.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Helpmelol


    I don’t have any helpful tips, but I have the same issues and I’m always here to talk. We can figure it out together❤️

  • Pheobe37


    Yes please! I don’t have anyone in my close circle who really understands OCD, I mean I don’t even since I was just diagnosed.

  • Calla


    Are there other less "visible" things you are able to redirect your fixations onto? I know it can feel isolating to "hide" this part of ourselves from our loved ones.

  • BravestToaster


    I entirely feel for you. I have compulsions that bother my boyfriend a lot, like having to clear my throat until it "feels right" . He is a light sleeper and it makes it hard for him to sleep :/ I have started counting to 10 slowly with each breath and if I give in to a compulsion, I started again with the number before where I lost it until I get to 10 then I start again but go to 20 and I at least feel a little better 😅 I am still perfecting this though since I just started trying this maybe a couple weeks ago

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