I'm currently off meds bc adderall was causing me heart problems, and I'm really upset abt it bc I had finally found something that was working in all other areas. I'm feeling really frustrated, and also dropping the ball on a ton of stuff at work which isn't helping my anxiety/depression either. What non-stimulant adhd meds have worked for y'all so I know what to ask my psychiatrist abt next time I see her?



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  • Smo


    I'm trying out Wellbutrin right now and I like it so far. It's better than nothing but honestly doesn't compare to stimulants. I am more awake and maybe focusing a bit better. haven't tried any others yet

  • littlespeckoflight


    I had that issue on Adderall when I took it, as well as a higher dose of Vyvanse. My psychiatrist prescribed Bystolic to take with it (blood pressure meds), but it was ungodly expensive with my insurance. It did help with the heart issues, though. Now I’ve just kind of tried adjusting to a lower dose of Vyvanse…

  • collective


    Guanfincine has done me well, but getting onto is is super rough, as it's also a blood pressure medication

  • Dot


    I’m on Strattera (atomoxetine), and it has been great for me! It’s a non-stimulant that also helps with anxiety. It’s a tiny bit pricey but definitely worth it!

  • kodigoldie


    Vyvanse gave me terrible stomach issues, so I don't think I'll be able to try that again. I'll try mentioning the others and see what my psych has to say about them. Thanks y'all

  • BumbleBeez


    Right now, I’m trying a sugar restriction with only 1 cup of coffee in the AM and CBD regularly & as needed. My feeling is that my need for stimulation is lessened when I’m less stressed out (thinking that my previous self-treatment was an addiction to stress)… Being kind to myself, as I work too improve without medication is HARD and doesn’t happen overnight… but growing patience & love for myself has been the best medicine ❤️

  • Jade1


    I was just diagnosed with ADHD and my doctor prescribed me Clonidine. I've taken Bupropion XL for over ten years and didn't know that it's used to treat ADHD. I was addicted to drugs for a few months and doctors have been reluctant to prescribe stimulants.

  • Atlas_tics


    Wellbutrin is a lifesaver, it did wonders for me. also there's a supplement called dopa Mucuna which I also find helps a lot with my ADHD symptoms

  • vammyglot


    I’m taking a stimulant med, but Wellbutrin seems to really balance it out. A lot of ppl in the replies are mentioning it, and I also agree. I changed to Wellbutrin from Lamictal, which gave me hair loss and hand trembles

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