Is anyone else diagnosed with BPD and Histrionic Disorder or one of the two? I’m diagnosed with both and have been turned away by therapist and psychiatrist because of those diagnosis. I just wanna see if anyone has had experiences like that with mental health professionals turning you away cause of your diagnosis.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Lgtwin


    I haven’t had a physician turn me away because of my BPD. Big I know quite a few people that it has happened to. It’s hard to fine the right therapist but once you do they will stick with you and work with you! Keep your head up and don’t stop trying until you find the right therapist for you

  • kazzie


    There is a lot of stigma around personality disorders, and many doctors let that influence who they choose to treat. It is assumed that people with BPD and people with HPD are unpleasant, unpredictable, and intolerant. That is an unfair generalization and has nothing to do with you personally. I am so sorry that you’ve been turned away by doctors who are supposed to help you because of your diagnoses.

  • koitedda


    Unfortunately BPD and HPD are conditions well known by therapists as concerns. Some schools even teach therapists people with PDs are untreatable. It's not your fault, and just know that the bad therapists are weeding themselves out.

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