Does anyone else suffer with scleroderma on this app? It’s quite a rare disease I deal with and I’m wondering if there’s anyone I can share similar troubles with.

Chronic Abdominal Distention

Localized scleroderma

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  • Kimberly1950


    I was just diagnosed with morphea disease this month. I know it is a "relative" to scleroderma. As of right now I only have 2 spots that cause me pain and issues.

  • Alergic2shrimp



  • MollDoll


    Yup! Unfortunately I do and am trying to figure out my treatment journey because my dermatologist told me I should start treatment. Currently on topicals but may have to switch to orals and was wondering if anyone else knows what that is like!

    • rileya08


      me! i use the injection version of the orals and while it does suck, it’s a lot better than the oral because it doesn’t cause stomach pain!

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