How do you differentiate a good day and a manic episode?

Bipolar Disorder

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  • RionWilde


    That can be a little tough. Usually for me though, good days are simply kind of calm and content. Manic days are full of constant activity and movement. I have so much to do and it all needs to be done now. If I'm having a normal day, I'll be more relaxed typically.

  • tara


    When im manic its the same as a normal day but i feel like im high, im loud and laugh alot more. And theres alot more anger in moments of the day.

  • Jadie


    Body symptoms are the easiest sign for me. My heart rate goes up a bit, i feel more jittery, Im speaking so fast I cant get words out or finish any sentences (it worsens my speech disorder), and unless Im hypomanic then my perception of the world is enhanced to the point colors become neon when they werent and sounds are overly exaggerated. Also if I suddenly get the strong urge to burst into a run at full speed I am very manic and too full of energy. Feeling too hot all the sudden is another sign of it coming as it affects my temperature too.

  • Nik10


    In my manic episodes, I feel that I don't need to sleep, and even though I don't sleep a lot I have high energy during the day. But actually, most of the time my family notices before me that I'm in a manic episode. They say that their clue for my manic episodes is my faster speech.

  • Chesbro99


    The only way I can kinda tell is my energy. Good days can have any energy level(normally low with my condition) but it's very odd for my to have so much energy and want to do so much. The other thing is I get really really irritable, like snapping at my partner. I hate that part the most :/

  • Jazzybella


    A good day I’m calm all the time. A manic day I’m really up and doing too much then I crash

  • pamplemousse


    i really struggle with this as well! i can normally just ask my closest friend if i’ve been acting manic or just happy, and she will be honest because she knows how important it is to track both manic and depressive episodes. i have mild mania so it just looks like hyperfixation and general obnoxious behavior (and loads of symptoms of ADHD)

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