Does anyone have thoughts*/advice on intersystem relationships? I know we have one romantic(?) one already but I've never been involved besides maybe casually shipping a couple people.
But an alter has been flirting with me and I've been kinda wanting to flirt back, and we both agree that a relationship not only would be healthy and healing, but would be something we'd be willing to try, especially since we seem to bring out the best or happiest in each other.

I've watched and read lots about relationships and healthy communication and boundaries and stuff, but beyond mild flirting that I don't know how to respond to, I've never actually been *in* a relationship and don't know if it would be different than an out-of-sys relationship.
I'm also just generally nervous because I've never been in a relationship before.

Thank you for anything!

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  • Eren2273


    It's not really all that different from an out-of-system relationship. Relationships come in many different ways anyway. All you need to do is be yourself, be honest with your partner, and communicate clearly with them. Take things at your own pace and do what makes you happy :)

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