[seeking advice] does anyone have experience with filing for disability accomodations in a corporate workplace? please share your stories and your thoughts. I have my diagnoses, but I'm terrified of the whole process. I'm afraid that if I reveal my disabilities, that they'll be used against me. I have read online about people having negative experiences when applying for work accomodations, despite retaliation being illegal I know there's always loopholes. My company has a disabilities resource group for fellow employees to find each other and talk but I haven't reached out to anyone's DMs yet, I'm pretty in-my-head about all of this. Right now, I just keep trying to do my work and taking a lot of breaks because it's hard for me to sit and focus the whole time. My work doesn't know that I take breaks for my disability, but I know that a lot of non-disabled workers at my job take breaks too. I want to keep a low profile because not only am I disabled, but I am also one of the only visibly transgender nonbinary people in my workplace, and that's another can of worms which can be another post.


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