I get that with having OSDD 1b you do not experience amnesia, I really only experience some amnesia between trauma. On with my question, you have different alters like they aren't really all alike they can have different allergies and whatnot but what I never got is that, I have Type 1 diabetes ok? I need insulin, what im not getting since it's organ based would alters have that problem because since I'm a diabetic they give themselves insulin for some reason and it's causes hypoglycemia. Which is when the person fronting having to do something, they were educated on low and high blood glucose and what to do about it. I honestly just curious like if the alters would not have diabetes and I do since it's organ related, this is a genuine question.

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  • KayKay


    It's was Type 1 not 2!!

  • anemone


    it's not likely that they wouldn't also have diabetes (identifying themselves with it is another question though), especially in osdd rather than did (often times those bodily differences are less). but it is possible they could have different normal levels? i'm not diabetic and therefore not as educated on it, but it's possible that alters could have some small variance in blood sugar for various reasons. like, for example, it could also relate to diet - if different alters have different tastes, they might gravitate to different foods that could change blood sugar levels. in any case, the reason different alters can have say, different eyeglasses prescriptions is most likely that they hold the muscles of the eyes differently when looking at things. (that's my theory as someone who used to have a glasses-wearing headmate and as someone with an eye muscle coordination issue, at least!) you can blur your eyes on purpose if you try, right? so an alter could subconsciously hold their eyes slightly blurred because that's where it feels comfortable for them. allergic reactions can also supposedly be psychosomatic so that could explain why allergies can differ. we had people notice that our resting faces and expressions were different, voices were different, body language was different, etc. so basically, unless it CAN have something to do with something controlled by the brain, even things we don't generally actively control or think about, it's most likely not going to be affected. that's why i'd say that the presentation of your diabetes could be affected but it won't go away entirely

  • KayKay


    Ok thank you, sorry still kinda confused with the diabetes part my blood glucose will be affect but not theirs? And they wont have the same symptoms and affects as I would have since I have diabetes?

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