I’ve heard that you never get over your first love? Having bpd he was my FP also. I am scared that I will never get over him and that every relationship after this will never be as good or I will just compare them to him. I want to move on completely. I want to get to a point where I don’t care what he does or who he’s with. Is that possible?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Sydari


    Time, my friend. After some time and after you move on things get more comfortable and less about the past.

  • atami


    like sydari said, time is always the main one but working on yourself during that time is crucial as well reprogramming your mind to let go of them isnt easy, but it'll be hella worth it in the long run i suggest learning self love; and although that's also hard with bpd, i encourage you to try anything you can find that helps you love yourself because if you get used to standing on your own and it feels better cus u love yourself and are happy, then your brain will naturally release the people of the past you hold onto of course getting there isnt easy, and it doesnt fix everything, but learning about yourself if probably the best place to start because then you'll be able to navigate your brain better and sooner reprogram missing this person if this makes sense :) i wish you luck on your journey! :)

  • Humanity


    Ugh I totally know how you feel. I just broke up with my bf and our 1 year was in June I was heart broken and blah blah but what I do is try to distract myself from those emotional thoughts, either replacing him or pursuing my passions

  • gogogal


    Oh yes it is totally possible you can live with somebody and feel those ways and can't get rid of him then you'll think again

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