I am concerned having CKD, my GFR bounces up and down. It increases my anxiety, I have tried to read things online. All I have been told is drink water and no salt

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

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  • bekahcat


    It may be due to your medications as well causing trauma to your kidneys. But yes drink lots of water and avoid salt if at all possible

  • Dragonmama


    I had a GFR of 29%, serum creatinine of 1.6. Now after 3 years of losing weight with low carb my function is greater than 60% with a serum creatinine of 0.8. Salt is not an issue unless you eat lots of processed fast food. Look at your meds, how much sugar is in your diet and do keep drinking water! Generally, you cannot gain back function of your kidneys after you lose it so be careful. But seriously getting OUT of permanent Atrial fib after my ablation AND losing sugar helped me the most. Peace

  • DaniBear


    what gfr are you currently at? i also see you are on high blood pressure meds, getting your blood pressure under control is super important for kidney function. high blood pressure not managed can destroy your kidneys. unless you are in stage 4 kidney failure, your diet shouldn’t be worried about too much. but yes low salt is most important if you are in the early stages.

  • Faithhope


    Well my kidney biopsy was not that bad. The hardest part was the checking in and gettIV and just the overall prep. But the procedure went fast and painless.

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