I don’t think I have a whole lot of disorders or problems in my life, as I’m mostly here just to listen to others and perhaps share my experiences that others might’ve experienced, but I guess I’ll start off with some questions :)!

Do you have any hobbies or passions, if so, what are they?
Do you have any pets at home?
Are you currently troubled with the world or how it’s working?
Have you experienced a loss recently? Im very sorry ❤️
Do you go to school or any communities you’re involved with?
What’s your favorite type of food?
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
Are you interested in any reading, writing, or art?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • katitomato


    I’m passionate about mental health advocacy, especially implementing more of it into government programs such as schools and jails/prisons. I don’t currently have any pets but I do love cats and plan to get one once I move! My world has gotten a lot better since my medication regimen has been nearly perfected for me. I used to sit around all day watch tv, not do any chores or anything other than work. I now am in a UX/UI design bootcamp and I’m loving it so far! Fortunately I haven’t experienced significant losses recently but I do fear for when they come about. I love making music, I do a podcast with my best friend, and love nature! My fave foods are steak and sushi, and if I could travel anywhere idek where I’d go, maybe Morocco, Uruguay, or the Caribbean! I love beaches. I love any kind of art, but I wish I had a better attention span and better books to read (I like nonfiction). Wow that’s a lot about me, tell us about you!

    • Novemberr


      That’s absolutely lovely! Thank you for your response Katitomato. The more descriptive the better, so you’re all good. I just think it’s fantastic to see that you’re into so many hobbies and programs, truly making the best. I myself have two pet cats so seeing that you want one makes my heart swell ❤️ I would certainly recommend them. Always enjoy every moment with the people you love as it’ll do you no good worrying about it when the time comes ❤️ I’ve never been to a beach before but I plan to go to the Oregon coast this summer if all goes well. The Caribbean would be absolutely beautiful to see, I hope you get to see it one day! What kind of music genre do you like making? I’m all into music 😊 and Nonfiction books are great, they certainly expand your knowledge and give you a nice understanding, but I’m more a fiction reader myself although I won’t deny a good nonfiction book. I’m more of a writer and artist. I think anyone can do art, but I certainly understand that it does clash with the attention span.

      • katitomato


        I‘ve written rock, classical, rap, and edm, but nowadays most of my stuff is a mix of edm and rap! I am an aesthetic person so I love all of the arts, even if I don’t have much talent in some of them lol

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