I’m 28 married and have schizoaffective disorder but I am also pregnant with my first baby (a desired pregnancy).
I just want to know if anyone with similar metal health diagnosis has been pregnant and how your pregnancy went, did your delusions/hallucinations/paranoia get worse during pregnancy?
I just feel off all the time. I don’t really believe the baby is in there (even though I’ve seen ultrasounds and feel “pregnancy sick”) also I’m scared when I’m feeling paranoid that baby would feel that or bad thoughts too.



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  • CrimsonCurse


    I had my son in 2017, during my pregnancy I wasn't medicated because i couldn't take my olazapine while pregnant. I was suicidal(was also dealing with an abusive ex). My paranoia was pretty bad, it didn't really get worse during my pregnancy tbh. A few months after my son was born I had to stop breastfeeding to get back on my meds because it just kept getting worse. 5yrs later and I still hear voices but my son and I relationship is wonderful, he's only 5 but he's kinda understanding that I have "something wrong with my brain" but i try not to fully show him. Kids are smart tho and know, if it wasn't for him I definitely would've succumbed to my mental health

    • ZaraH


      thank you for your comment that makes me feel a lot better. I’m sorry you had to deal with an abusive partner, I can’t imagine that added stress. I’ve wondered about what will I do when my child gets older if I should be open about my illness or how old is even old enough for them to know that. So glad you are still on this earth and have an awesome relationship with your son ❤️

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