Hi all! I'm new to this app and I'm looking for some support; especially with chronic migraines and anxiety. How long have you guys been dealing with it?

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  • spookyspoonie


    Hi! I had my migraines and anxiety issues as long as I can remember.... at least since age 8

    • AnnaGonzo


      I think my migraines started becoming prominent at 13 years of age, and my anxiety became worse in my late teens. I hope you've been managing okay! As best as we can, anyhow.

  • Teardrops


    Hi. I have had headaches and migraines forever. And I have had anxiety since I was a child. I was bullied in school and had tons of surgeries for ears and sinus issues. Cause a lot of anxiety

  • leninade


    hey i’m in the same boat, have had anxiety for as long as i can remember and migraines increasing for the past 5 years. they’re everyday now, but i’m working on finding treatment options. we just gotta take it one day at a time!

  • Discobaykitty


    I’ve had anxiety since I was an infant, so my whole life and I’ve had migraines since I was 14. They were set off from a super severe head injury and as I’ve had so many since, they’ve never went away…

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