i just REALLY hate the fact ppl create false assumptions about me due to them not understanding the severity of my mental illnesses for example i’ve been called “lazy” for years but in actuality i’m just unmotivated. i’m really starting to get pissed off abt this because ppl say they care but really they don’t

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Mee_Nuancei


    if ppl honestly cared they would want to be informed of & understand the baggage that comes with mental illnesses and how it can affect one’s quality of life

  • AtomiskNova


    you cannot control what other people do, just you. I understand being unmotivated. Life has taught me that its okay to just be. I enjoy the simple things in life 👌 now a lot easier knowing one day we will all be stardust again and who knows after that.

  • Sickcinattus


    I've been called the same, or too young to be sick, kids these days weren't beat enough and that's why they act this way, are diagnosed with this that or the other, it's made up, etc. Even though it is difficult and it'll fly in your face nearly every day, it's best to let it roll off your back and just keep on if at all possible. Individuals like this will make no attempt to understand and should be subsequently ignored, only spend your time and focus on speaking to those that do genuinely care to listen and learn

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