Are there any ways to relieve my anxiety? Bc I’m going tot therapy and I don’t want to take medication. And my mind is always thinking bad thoughts, bc I also have health anxiety and panic over small things I feel.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • carr


    For me, what calms down my anxiety is journaling and meditating. When I journal, I can jot down what I'm feeling and why I feel the way I do. It also helps me understand myself and my emotions more. Meditating helps me focus on the present (starting off can be difficult because for me, my mind would wonder off but practice makes perfect)

  • Suze


    I don't take medication either by choice. Therapy is great for coping skills. I also take kava, valerian, gaba all natural supplements. Magnesium is important as well. Meditation, light exercise and avoiding caffeine is also a good idea.

  • hales10


    I do take medicine so my journey will look different but drinking lots of water and eating healthy snacks can help relieve some of that anxiety! The better your body feels the better you feel!

  • notJune


    Move your body! I'm mobility impaired so trust me when I say this is a game changer, I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't worth the struggle. Do yoga, walk, run, dance, play a sport, tap your feet, do something with your hands, anything but sitting still. It helps you clear your head and introduce new stimuli so you don't focus on your anxiety.

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