How do I help the fact that I’m horrible at following very simple instructions? It’s embarrassing and people get irritated at me because I can’t follow directions.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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    i feel your pain. don’t feel embarrassed however, you were diagnosed with adhd for a reason. take your time to understand and don’t be so hard on yourself. a lot of tasks are a lot harder for most of us than the average person and thats okay.

  • iiiMadiLee


    I’m the same way! When I was in middle school my teachers would bully me because I couldn’t pay attention follow simple instructions.

  • ___


    I have a really hard time following short instructions too! If someone is verbally telling me instructions, I always write it down on my phone or on a post it note or something (whatever makes sense for the situation). And sometimes I read it back to them to make sure I got everything. This has helped me a lot! I work as a nursing assistant, and I use this with nurses and with patients.

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