I'm looking for support on having BPD and being in a serious relationship. I'm afraid I'm doing more harm than good but my ptsd tends to make me feel like everything is my fault. Anyone have any experience?

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • Starry_leek


    I went through a breakup recently and from what I learned you have to remind yourself that you are both people, don't obsess over the other or feel bad if either of you make a mistake, it's also good to be careful to not idealize them because you can miss red flags if you keep looking at them through rose collared glasses. But on a positive note, be genuine and open, if you need reassurance don't feel bad about asking, it's normal and they shouldn't get mad that you just want to know how they feel

  • moodyhuckleberry


    Thank you so much for the reply! This is helpful. I definitely need to work on a lot of things but I'm willing to keep working

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