Why did my ADHD get so much worse in college? WHY CAN'T I READ THINGS ANY MORE???

Attention-Deficit Disorder


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  • insomnia


    it could very well be caused by the stress of college, or the increasing of reading difficulty

  • Hannaho2019


    I’ve been asking myself that too. I actually got tested and received an official diagnosis today… so I hope to work with the student disability center and get some time accommodations. I feel like any sort of symptoms I had in high school just became ten fold in college. Brains are weird.

  • Hamburger


    Honestly it's weird. I was actually in college full time during high school and got As and Bs. The moment I was on my own though I think it was too much. I couldn't motivate myself or organize myself and just fell deep into a hole of depression and reckless behavior. School didn't matter enough when there was nobody forcing me to do it.

  • bluelavender


    I have noticed the same problem myself. Possible it could be maybe because you've gotten older. Children and adults/teen brain are different. Also possible stress. Stress can make things worse.

  • DelicatePeasant


    My guess would be your mind itself finds reading annoying. This would be making motivation and interest in reading more. Also, due to the increased amount of stress, your mind might find a lack of time for that focus.

  • kodigoldie


    FELT omg college is the reason I found out I have adhd, and now I'm working and it's so apparent I have no idea how I missed it for 22 years

  • beebee00


    no because same im still a senior in hs but i feel like im getting dumber i can’t even make myself sit through like a paragraph without getting distracted at least once

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