Came to my sisters to watch the game. Wanted to have fun times with family and friends. But apparently my head isn’t in it like my heart is. Anxiety levels are high and that always increases likelihood of having a migraine. How does everyone handle their anxiety and migraines and still have good times???

Anxiety (Including GAD)



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  • KimberlyTee30


    I rely on alprazolam and my therapist said before you go to sleep write down the things that are bothering you. That helps a lot more than you would think

  • Reece


    I haven’t heard of that medication. Is that for migraines or anxiety? And thank you for the advice about writing in my journal! I have always been told to journal but have so much to put in the journal I never knew where to start. Thank you!!

  • VeryBerryBabe


    Only thing that's helped me w migraines is the excedrin extra strength. And for the anxiety if it's bad before a function or if I think it'll spike at said function I try to take relaxing measures beforehand like a nice bath or something to calm down.

  • Reece


    I used to take Goody powders, but they just don’t work any more like they used to. I also do a lot of slow breathing. Sometimes that helps too. If not then I just leave.

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