I'm having a really hard time because of a few things
1st- I'm having a hard time getting into therapy . Luckily my primary doctor is prescribing me my meds . Sometimes I don't think they work though .
2nd- My sister passed away in " 19 " and I REALLY miss her .
3rd- Problems with my family and my significant other .
Can anyone give me some advice/ words of encouragement ? I don't really have anyone else I can talk/ relate to .

Bipolar Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • faerywyrm


    I understand completely. I lost my grandfather to covid while I was struggling to get into therapy. The rest of my family is not very supportive, as they aren't able to cope with my issues. Grandpa was my only support. Since that horrible time, I have found a real mental health care team. Grandpa would appreciate them. You will catch a good support team as well. It may take time, but we'll be here for peer support

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