hello! nice to meet you! I'm a 22 year old guy who likes nature, hiking, traveling, etc. and cats. what are your hobbies?

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  • SandwichLoaf


    howdy 🤠 ima 23 year old lil' lady with interests in yarn/thread crafts (like crochet and punchneedling), video games (mostly minecraft rn, lol) and listening to kinda old emo songs

    • catdad


      very good! I love minecraft lol and rpgs. Old emo music is my jam

  • dayzed


    21 and nice to meet you too!! I'm also an adorer of cats (having one myself) while living nature~ Hello! ☺️ I like games, art, and just creative outlets.

  • Ambier


    Hello. I'm 23 year old woman who is a cat mom to 2 cats. I love cats and video games. I also love the outsides noises while I write.

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