Have any of you dealt with hair loss? Has anyone reversed it?


Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • MummaD11


    I suffered a LOT of hair loss from a semi-recent serious viral infection 😉. I started taking a biotin supplement and have seen quite a bit of improvement.

  • Nowon


    Recommended by hair salon plus two people using VEGAMOUR. I just ordered it.

  • purplewolf


    I’ve never had much luck with biotin or supplements. I do notice it does better when I use shampoos with no parabens or sulfates.

  • KatsKickingIt


    I am taking Saw Palmetto and am seeing lots of new growth!

    • threehottamales


      how long did it take to see results?

  • saksgirl02


    I has hair thinning when I was on MTX. I was unable to continue on that med because it was slowly killing Mr.

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