Do you guys ever find it difficult to discuss your mental issues/trauma with your friends who also have similar issues?
Like, all my life I’ve been this person others could do too for help, whether it was venting, needing advice, or seriously needing someone to talk them down from suicide.
I have a lot of issues that I just don’t feel like I can share anymore without adding more stress to my friends, or feeling like I’ve down played their issues.
Any advice?

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  • TheBigSpook


    I can’t offer much in the way of advice, but I can say I feel the same way. I used to be the person everyone went to to vent or find comfort in their struggles and now I get so anxious even at the thought of having a conversation related to mental health. I feel like a bad friend

    • Nate1869


      I feel that. It was a lot of weight having to be the one everyone went to, at some point I just couldn’t handle it anymore and cut people off.

  • MichealB


    I felt that way for a long time and still do a lot of the time. I have one friend that I know I can count on to always be there for me but I still ask if I can talk to them before I talk about anything like that to make sure their okay to talk about it. Even just one person helps a lot.

  • emotrash27424


    Yes, definitely

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