Does anyone else have the problem where your hands, feet and nose get really cold. Like so cold they turn white and go a bit numb even with socks/gloves/etc. Any suggestions on how to mitigate this?

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • Jadie


    I use heating pads a lot. My body turns to ice so easily so if Im sitting I have one on my lap or my back and stick my hands in there when I need to. I find it helps keep the rest of me warmer too and sometimes I also take more salt since your blood helps keep you warm. I also put one on the floor to rest my feet on.

  • cupcake


    That's called Raynods. I hate it. Just make sure the blood returns to your toes and fingers before they turn purple. Purple is bad.

  • Persephone9


    Yep! Me too. For me movement helps so rubbing my hands together or having someone rub my arms/lower legs can stimulate blood flow again. Heating pads are also great for that.

  • elyse


    yes, because of the lack of circulation of oxygenated blood with pots. getting movement to these areas helps me most.

  • smiley.rainbows


    Yes I use hot pads

  • Cam.__


    Yes I just wear super thick socks and if they are really cold hot packs and rub the area

  • hime


    omg yes! for me, i wear fuzzy socks 24/7 unless absolutely unable. if i’m home, i’ll use my heating pad.

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