really struggling lately with tmj flare ups, been missing work due to debilitating headaches and dizziness. I feel like no one really believes that I'm sick because it can come and go so quickly. anyone have any tips or tricks for the beginning of a flare up that might help make the symptoms less severe?

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  • nsiberian


    I have had alot of help with dry needling from physical therapy, and some hand manipulation. If you have a tenz unit that alo can be beneficial. There are also some stretches you can do, like putting your hands on your face,palms on cheeks and lift up and slowly open the jaw as many times that you can tolerate.. I hope you find some sort of relief

  • GoAskAlyss


    Sinus massages help too. I do them for migraines as well

  • ellehoots


    Try gua sha. If I'm having a hard time I just massage me face to help drain my sinus tracts.

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