any tips on wounds that refuse to drain for HS? i have a stubborn one that is super swollen but refusing to actually open up and drain :(

Edema and Anasarca

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)

Edema & Anasarca

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  • Tony60


    Hi there, Wounds like these might need a surgical incision. Don't try doing it yourself as it might injure you or get badly infected.

  • ViolinHips


    Warm compress? I have one currently that was very swollen and after a warm compress it finally started draining on its own

  • Muse


    Vicks, i hear helps with the process. Be careful where you apply it tho

  • ReikiCrochet


    I found a salve at Walmart called Prid Drawing Salve. It has helped on stubborn abscesses that won't drain.

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