I just had an upper endoscopy done and they found a grade 4 hiatal hernia. I know grade 4 isn’t super common. I’m wondering if anyone can share their experience. Did you need treatment? Surgery? Thanks

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  • Davida


    That's me! I am 53 and working towards my 2nd surgery. I had laproscopic in January 2020. My hernia returned after 6 months. Before surgery 1 it was behind my left boob with my colon. Not it is next to my heart, flipped with my colon in tow. I know a guy who is 30 with this as well. Get multiple opinions from general surgeon and thoracic surgeon. I will be happy to answer more questions. 😊

    • ginkgowink


      thanks for your response! I’ve since talked with my doctor and thankfully they’re not concerned at all about mine right now. They say it will only be a concern if my acid reflux becomes unbearable. Good luck with your second surgery! Sorry you’re having to deal with it again.

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