i’ve noticed that my eating disorder always gets bad around times of stress. mainly because i feel out of control, and my ed is something i can control. this is so hard to work with because it’s almost like a self soothing method in a sense. does anyone have any ideas on how to help with this?

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  • zozie


    Mabye you feel out of control bc in you're mind when you're stressed you turn to food, starve, etc. Which is a totally valid thing to happen most get like this and that's fine. What I recommend is when you get stressed go to something you really like could be a show or tik tok listening to music anything you like that won't make you go further down into stress town and ofc get some water to distract you from bingeing or etc and I say don't take a small portion of food because then you'll be like ummm just one more and u know but if you're really hungry and need to eat then eat if you're bingeing distract you're self but do make sure to eat the right amount of food just not to small bc you'll come back. I'm sorry if that didn't help I kept blabbering on sorry if that's too long I just hope it helped even a tiny bit but u better take care of yourself ❤️

    • ellie776


      thank you that was very helpful to hear:)

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