Hi Alikes …. I just downloaded this app to see if I could find other people that have pulmonary hypertension due to past drug use and smoking. I’ve been clean for 8 years and when I was diagnosed I was very very ill. I’ve come a long way but still suffer from guilt and anger at myself feeling like I deserve this for such shitty choices I made but that’s not true. It happens it just sucks. I guess I thought my life would always be crappy so I didn’t care if I live or died and then my life turned around and I want nothing more than to be healthy as I can and that’s a daily struggle. I’m very lucky to still be here. All of my contemporaries are dead and gone. All drug related of course. It’s very sad. Even if you didn’t get PH from drug use and got it however else it happens I want to hear your struggles and what protocols they have you on and what you think has been working and what you hated. Ok that is it..

Pulmonary Hypertension (PH or PHTN)

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