I don’t know how to deal with people or my feelings when I’m going through mania. I just say all the worst things I can and it just eats me up inside and I’m tired of feeling like this and trying to reach out for connections I will never be able to maintain because of my illness..

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • avacadotoast420


    When I'm going through mania sometimes I say awful things bc I feel like I can't control myself or feelings. And I've destroyed relationships. It's really hard. Youre not alone. Do you have medication and therapy treatment plan? Cuz that's really the only thing that helps me be able to learn skills on how to cope with it.



      I used to go to therapy but when I moved it didn’t get covered on my insurance anymore. I just try really hard to catch it before it happens and I don’t end up saying anything at all or they already have gone

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