My girlfriend mother probably hates me?
Well idk maybe not but everytime i think of per my heart races and I swear and i’m scared and everything, I have constant nightmares about her
I don’t really clean my house, but since they have depression, i clean their mess (it’s so much easier) and her mom loves when i do that
but sometimes her mom and sister only want my at their house because “Maybe Dee will feel like cleaning”
That made me feel like shit.
I was asked to her her younger sisters hair by her mother. Her sister loves it but her mom hates it, and she lied and cried and blamed me and basically said fuck me
then, I redid it. She said she liked it but i’m sure it was a lie, Her daughter also loved this one
I did my girl friends prom makeup, and her mom kept trying to do stuff her her face, so we had to scrap the whole look, ran out of time, and had to do a quick cute look. it was nice but god, her mother doesn’t even like my personality
she saids that “she’s like one of my kids” then talk about how everything i do is shit
and how i’m making them feel “unique” and they they look like shit and she doesn’t want me to rub off on them and give them the freedom of self expression
and they seemed happier when i showed them that they can be themselves unapologetically
and my anxiety acts up every time i’m around her now, i’m so scared that she would one day just, not want me around anymore
it’s my girlfriends MOTHER, i want to make a good impression
i did my girlfriends hair today and it was nice, i loved it, everyone loved it outside of the room, my friends love it
she does not
and i cry about this a lot, and my girlfriend feels guilty so i don’t cry about it infront of her
today is our 5 month anniversary, so i don’t wanna bring it up anytime soon but

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  • kellyz


    im so sorry. you’re literally trying your best in the situation her treating you like this is so gross considering you haven’t done anything really bad to your girlfriend? the opinions of her parents might be important but i feel like if theyre not going to be any nicer or understanding just try to be the best you are now until you dont have to interact with her anymore(like when you’re older etc) its hard feeling like you’re doing something wrong, but you’re not.

  • Shebear13


    DeeDee, i totally agree with kellyz.. you don't deserve being treated this way. Depending on where you are in life. It's hard to say what you should do.

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