every time i try to cry for help, it's as if the darkness of my mind chokes me, cutting off the words i so desperately want to release.

the only words that i am able to say are, "im fine".

im fine.

the lie i so drilled into the minds of my family, that they refuse to believe anything else.

alas, it is the price i pay for making the mask look so real.

at least they don't worry about me too much.

would they notice if i went missing?


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  • CaesarZeppli


    i felt this way for so long until my mask started to crumble. it made me so irritable with everyone, just for daring to exist around me and it hurt so much to see them turn away as a result from my harsh actions. please talk to someone, anyone. being anonymous here helps so much and i hope that soon you will feel safe enough in your own self to ease the mask off. and yes, they would notice if you went missing. you are important

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