I’ve lately been struggling with anxiety. Everything is stressful and I can’t help it.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Lonelyturtle


    Me too ☹️ I have been managing pretty well and yesterday i had my first panic attack in a long time.

  • RachelNaomi


    Same!!! Literally everything is stressful! I’ve been struggling to do the simplest of tasks because it feels like too much. 😥

  • lindywoo


    what i like to do when i get stressed out is to just try to take it slow. if i’m in a class and am trying to do a test and i start panicking and getting all stressed, it really helps to just stop and take a break and just breathe. also if you ever have hw for me it really helps to take breaks and maybe get a snack or scroll on my phone for a little bit. if you ever don’t get something done by stress and start stressing more abt it, just know that that is totally normal and fine. mental health matters and you need to take breaks and focus on that. hope this helps ❤️ ❤️

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