how do you handle the pain, what meds work for you?

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  • McFluffy


    Hi, I’m not on a medication quite yet because we’re genuine to figure everything out but I just take Uribel to help with the pain when I’m in a flare up. I try to drink lots of water because sometimes it helps with the pain when the bladder is full or I’ll use heating pads, sometimes ice. I’ll take Tylenol here and there but it doesn’t always help. It can be frustrating. What do you do?

  • fairylaaa


    i use over the counter urinary pain relief from amazon. it’s cheap and comes in 72, and is basically azo. i take it every day out of fear of pain and it’s working well so far

  • Preschool_Teacher


    I go to pain management dr

  • Fiddle


    Desert harvest aloe pills. They help with iC so much

  • Lexigirl


    I was diagnosed in 2007 & tried everything out there to even doing my own bladder cocktails at home. I finally decided to quit everything & just watch my diet. Omitting acidic foods & drinks. Doing good to the point that I can enjoy a glass of wine or beer without a huge flare. If a minor flare happens I let it pass... usually about a week or so. Depending on how naughty I was the night before.

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