todays been really difficult. i got to meet up with a friend which was fun but it ended up being a hard day on my body and the heat made it so that i felt faint most of the day and had to have help walking around and sit down whenever i could. then i stayed up later than i should of cause sleepover with my friend and started heartstopper so now i have a close to migraine and my neck hurts so bad, but i can handle that cause i just took my migraine cocktail. goodnight

Recurrent Syncope

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  • MCis


    I know how you feel and I'm so sorry about that... The things that have helped me are drinking lots of cold water (for the heat), walking slowly but steady, eat something healthy with sugar like bananas, mango or so. And trying to not take showers with hot water (i love those...😥) I hope this helps you in something 💕🤗

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