I’ve gotten to the point where I feel nothing for anyone or anything. I feel like I have no empathy or sympathy. like I’m just an empty shell and everyone around me is just there. What can I do to help me find my emotions again, and joy in even the smallest things?

Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia

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  • RickF


    Some deficiencies can cause these feelings, but I still think you should get some intense therapy to help you through this.. Be well and keep us posted.

  • Tinyty


    Wow.. just downloaded this app and saw this.. I have the same thing. I am just so unhappy and depressed because I’m so sick in a way that no one can seem to understand My vision is so strange like I’m dreaming from it and sooo many symptoms I can’t feel for anyone when I can’t even feel my own emotions right now It just sucks and I understand fully!

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