My eye sight has gotten significantly worse in the past 1 or 2 months, out of nowhere. I am having blurriness, eye pain, and some colored spots occasionally. Does this sound like it could be a sign that my pressure is high? I’m scared it’s from the IIH…

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  • Whitney_Pebbles


    It can be the pressure. Please get it checked out before it causes blindness.

  • Cas_499


    Could be! Mine is flared up right now due to the weather changing. Any updates on how you're feeling?

  • Katie11


    I’ve had similar symptoms for 6 years. I haven’t went to the dr. I’m terrified it’s a brain tumor. 😔 all symptoms of IIH. makes me feel so spacey and out of my body. It sucks. I’ve kind of gotten used to it but I know I shouldn’t. 😔🥺

  • cansan08


    My first transplant in 2003 my eyesight was very good before the transplant and then after I think it was about 6 months I noticed I couldn't read anything up close. I talk to my Dr about it and if you are taking Prednisone it cause cataracts. Your insurance will pay for you to get your eyes fixed. I hope this helps some..

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