I'm going to try to take care of myself better...And I've asked for help with it too. I know I haven't been, and I know I need to.


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  • salt


    You can do it! Show your depression who’s boss. You’re not alone, we’re in it together.

  • Doglover25006


    Getting started on self care is the hardest part. Figuring out what works for you. I suggest setting up your life in a way that it is easier to do the self care thing than to not do it. For me using my heating pad and meditating before bed are really important. I have my heating pad in my bed and plugged in ready to go and meditations bookmarked on my phone so I don’t get frustrated trying to find one at bedtime. Maybe your self care will look like packing your lunch and laying out an outfit for the next day before going to bed so you can sleep a little later before work. Or a million other self care things. Start slow. Give yourself time to adjust to your new routine and make sure you know what changes are helping, hurting, and having no effect.

  • Locien


    I'm gonna try to make my bed and brush my teeth every morning to start! Both are fairly easy, and my bed will be so nice since I work super late and hate struggling with my weighted blanket at night.

  • D3monicRat


    Hey! It's definitely not easy but try doing things to motivate yourself to take care of yourself! Like small rewards or positive affirmations :) and if you struggle with insecurities and self love, you can start with "my body is my body. It's a body. It gets me from place to place so I need to take care of it." I hope this helps!

  • itsnotmefr


    that's wonderful!! so happy for you!! (Also remember, just getting out of bed is already a great step in the right direction) you got this !! ♡

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