Does anyone else feel bad in the way that. My triggers effect my relationship to a point. Not in a make or break kinda way, but I feel so guilty for it, even tho my partner assures me I have no need for that. But I still do. I feel really bad that they're repairing damage they didn't do. But I'm so grateful💞 It just breaks my heart that they're helping me pick up the pieces and it affects them when they don't have to. Anyone relate?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • Kay_Kay


    🙌🙌💕 here👍right here. 15 years my husband has dealt with the brunt of my trauma and the poor man has done nothing to me. Sometimes I'm rational enough to realize that and I swear I fall In love even more. I feel you I do.

  • freyaslady


    I'm married (almost 4 years) and have PTSD due to sexual abuse. Theres certain things I just can't do sexually, or things that I can sometimes handle but not always. Hes always super understanding, if I say I can't do that particular thing right then he doesn't question it at all and gives me what I need. I still have occasional flashbacks and when I do, he's immediately no longer in the "mood" and switches to comforting me. He'll go get my anxiety meds if I need that but otherwise he'll just sit with me and comfort me until it passes. Hes learned that because of what happened, seeing his face really helps me to come back to reality, and hearing his voice, so he talks to me and gently gets me to look at him so I can remember that I'm safe. Sometimes I do feel horrible that he's repairing damage that he didn't cause, I mean I was 16 when the incident happened and he's younger than me, he was 11 when this thing happened and now he's picking up the pieces. I ask him so often what I did to deserve him and he just reminds me why I deserve nothing less.

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