Hey everyone. I'm 27 and was recently diagnosed with severe (and she very much stressed SEVERE) uterine adhesions. The entire front of my uterus is plastered right tight to my abdominal wall when it should be free floating. I was diagnosed during surgery to remove an ovarian cyst and remove my tubes. She couldn't remove my tubes because the left one was between my overy and abdominal wall and barely visible and my left overy is also attached to my abdominal wall. so that explains the amount of pain I get with even small cysts that shouldn't cause any discomfort as well as extremely painful periods. They are highly recommending a hysterectomy but they have to use a specialized robot because my bladder is trapped somewhere between my uterus and abdominal wall but can't be seen so there's a really high risk of damaging my bladder during surgery. she did say the bladder is really resilient and heals nicely so would most likely only be a couple weeks on a catheter. There is a high number of other risks and complications that come with it as well because it's such a specialized and strategic procedure that requires SOOO much precision. So they will be using a DaVinci robot assist but it's not even my dr doing it because her associate is better and more comfortable with the robot so I meet with her in about 2 weeks. I am totally freaking out and don't know if I even want to go thru with it. it's up to me. I don't have to but I will continue to have pain and problems and every cyst (even functional cysts that come every month) will cause pain. I'm in pain every day and my periods suck. I have the bar in my arm so I only get it like every 2-3 months but then it's 2-4 weeks at a time, heavy and PAINFUL the entire time.... so I'm having thay removed in the same apt I'm meeting with the surgeon to see if that shortens them because they shouldn't be so spaced out... any advice, input, suggestions, anything,... is greatly appreciated!!

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  • Ann22


    It sounds to me like the outcome of the surgery outweighs the pain you are in right now. Good luck with your decision! ❤️🙏

    • K_meyer


      the only issue I run into is I have 3 young kids and I will be down for 6 full weeks. Not lifting anything over a gallon of milk. And my husband works nights. 2pm-2am. So I don't have much help thru the week... my kids are 9, 6 with severe behavioral problems, and my youngest is about to turn 2 in a few weeks.

      • Ann22


        If there is someone like a family member or close friend, maybe they could help you out for the recovery time. Maybe even just a neighbor? I guess my way of looking at it is, if you don't do the procedure, what way of life would you be living and would you even be able to care for your children if you are in so much pain as is? And as far as the risks in the procedure, it seems like the medical professionals know what is necessary for the success of it all. Of course I don't have a magic looking glass and can't see your situation in full. I'm just trying to tell you what I think of it from my perspective behind a screen. If you have the chance to, maybe just speak with your partner and doctor more about it. Weigh any possible options you have and discuss more in depth of any risks and personal concerns the doctor believes there may be.

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