How do you deal with social anxiety?

Social Anxiety

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  • linzee


    I listen to music & think things through

  • Izzy_beltram


    I breathe deeply, grounding works. Let yourself stim. Get something safe to chew on if your anxiety causes you to chew on your nails. Calming music. Or if you’re sound sensitive get noise canceling earplugs. You can calm yourself down by watching a nice tv show/movie, drawing, reading a picture book. These are all things that help me.

  • D3stiny


    Hi! I have social anxiety as well, and it can effect my life in many ways. For example there are instances where my friends want to hang out. I really don’t feel like it most of the time since there are 7 of us and I don’t like being around that many people. I go home and explain to them why I left. It can be hard for most of us with this disorder to explain this to other people, but once you let it out, it lifts all the anxiety off your shoulders. Plus, people will be very understanding! Part of our fear is the judgement, but trust me. Once you actually say how you feel your negative thoughts are temporary, because now you know the other person understands and does not feel negatively towards you! Plus, it strengthens your friendship with the other person :)

  • WRaven


    I drink water cause it weirdly calms me down, liston to sounds and make beats out of them the destract myself temperarly till I get a hold of myself. And I draw during my breaks or right after a speech or somthing cause I usualy get an aftershock of anxiety from presentations and speeking to a large group. Sometimes I think about what im doing after an event that is effecting me largly to find somthing to look foward to rather then the event itself.

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