Is it normal to feel annoyed with having an online therapist? I just feel like it's irritating and I'd rather have it in person, but my insurance provider doesn't have many options 😭😭😭


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  • styx


    yea i feel the exact same way. i just recently started with an online therapist after leaving another therapist that just wasnt the right fit. it just doesnt feel the same for me. it makes me really uncomfortable because i'd much rather keep my problems outside of my house. im in the same boat so theres really nothing i can do. maybe express that with your therapist and they could help you figure out something?

  • kittenintheyarn


    Don't know if it's normal or not but I hate it too.

  • BX21


    I don’t like it either :( It’s harder to interact with someone and feel safe when you can’t read their body language. It just doesn’t feel real. I’m also a psychologist and it’s hard on the other side of the screen as well. It sucks to be limited by your employers restrictions with Covid :(

  • GentleGemini


    Are you able to do video sessions on zoom or FaceTime? That’s how I have my appointments.

  • Kitsuha


    I feel the same way, I have video appointments but I much rather prefer in-person. It feels so much more personal and like they’re able to help you better.

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