so i have recently noticed that I have a lot of symptoms similar to bipolar disorder and i'm almost kind of scared to go and get properly diagnosed...anyone who has been diagnosed: how did you go about it? and is there anyone else who is in the same situation as me? i dont want to self diagnose but ive started noticing the signs

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Bipolar Disorder

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    I had no idea. I had a breakdown and went to inpatient, left with the wrong diagnosis (severe MDD) and therefore wrong meds. Waited a month to see an actual psychiatrist and she diagnosed me w BP. things are a little different for me from there, but point being things would suck a lot less if I was able to get that diagnosis first. Maybe you don’t, that would be great, but if you are thinking you might, i would strongly advise you go to a doctor about it, it would be so great if you could catch it quick and start getting treated before it gets worse

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