Do you have auras before a seizure? What are they like?


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  • MissWilwarin


    I only get auras for my non-epileptic seizures. It’s a strange feeling on the left side of my back. Both of my seizure disorder seizures feel like I’m falling. So my aura for my non-epileptic seizures is similar to that.

  • particlextheory


    I get auras before all of my seizures. I have clonic-tonic and focal awareness seizures and before each one I feel a multitude of things. My vision gets a little foggy/blurry. I start getting a migraine. My gut feels like it sinks into the lowest part of my body, almost like I'm floating out of my body. The inside of my body starts to feel very cold and I start seeing flashbacks of the same visions that feel scary and nostalgic. It's very creepy and I dislike every second of it.

  • Catmom96


    I get a metallic taste in my mouth. I get a very bad headache and upset stomach.

  • Merpie


    I have tonic clonic seizures and my vision becomes "weird" before I have a seizure. Almost like when you zone out and things get blurry for a second & it's all you see. I've always had trouble describing what it feels like...I just say my eyes bother me.

  • chrissy44


    I've had my left eye go so blurry I had to close it to see out of the right one. Lasted a half hour

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