How many of you are taking prednisone? And does anyone have Minimal Change Disease?


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  • Jonjon


    YES! I’m so glad that I finally know of an adult with MCD! I always heard that it’s a children disease. And yes I’m treated with steroids.

  • Remkle


    Me too! How old are you? I was diagnosed at 14 which was already late for a child disease. Then remission for 20yrs and now at 34 it’s been back for 6months.

  • Remkle


    I’m on 80 mg prednisone and 360 mg myfortic

  • Jonjon


    I’m 37. I had it when I was around 10. I thought I’m done with it, but I guess it’s here to stay 😢

  • Remkle


    I thought I was done with it too. Super sucks

  • Mawmawx2


    I have minimal change disease, I relapsed end of February and started prednisone 60 then doctor increased to 80 MG. 2 weeks ago he added tacrolimus. Labs have improved and protein loss has improved.

  • Mawmawx2


    I'm 57, I am on my 3rd relapse since June of last year. I'm taking 80 MG prednisone and 3mg tacrolimus. I am finally seeing no protein in my urine so hopefully remission soon. My creatinine is still elevated.

  • LucyLou


    I’m 35 and was just diagnosed a couple months ago. My biopsy from a weeks ago shows Minimal Change with some characteristics of Conditional (I assume from my autoimmune diseases) I start 60mg of Prednisone this Monday. I’m hopeful it throws me into remission, so scared of side effects though.

  • Barbz


    I was started on the Prednisone two days ago and I really hope it works. I know it's probably going to make dealing with stress and mental health alot more difficult, but hopefully I am able to find help with that. Also, if I'm able to enter a remission stage, I won't have to be on it all the time. I just, you know, hope I get into a remission stage. I was diagnosed with this stuff a few days ago so it's all moving very fast...

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