i couldn’t find the med that my doctor just prescribed for me on here, so has anyone heard or taken Caplyta? I’m so miserable and i’ve been on medication since i was really young and i just don’t wanna do medications anymore :( i feel like a lab rat.


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  • smilebig98


    No haven't heard of that medicine before. But I feel your pain in not wanting to take medicines anymore. Have you ever tried any other alternatives? How active are you?

  • Venni3


    I know that Caplyta is a name brand for lumateperone, so maybe it’s on here under that name, or just not on here? Also I wanted to say that I really relate to you feeling like a lad rat, I’ve been in the same boat having been on a lot of different medications as a teen and an adult too.

  • Lily_Lys


    I used to be on it!! It did help me quite a bit :)

    • Cvprisun


      really?! i’ll hope for the best then💓

  • Myooral


    I totally get that feeling, I have been on that and many more. They just put me on a new one that I've found super helpful though!

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