I’m feeling really scared from my anxiety right now. My body feels completely out of my control, something I’m a little bit used to but this time it’s really bad. Can anyone recommend coping mechanisms that are more than just deep breathing

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • gloomie


    something that really worked for me was rearranging my thought patterns, thinking strongly about times where i felt the most in control to remind myself that i am capable of being in control

    • Tiyanna


      I recommend really helps ease my anxiety. I also suffer from uncontrollable movements when I'm overwhelmingly anxious

  • Chelle205



  • LaurenG


    I binge watch my few comfort shows. Mostly Modern Family or Frasier. I actually can’t sleep without it.

  • IrisGrove


    A weighted blanket really helped me a lot. The weight gives me something to focus on and think about and that distracts my mind

  • FaithKay


    Distraction helps me. Like I have a ring that has a moving part. I click it to remind me to stay in the moment. Anxiety writing down what triggers mine and trying to avoid making it worse. Like the heat will make it worse often. Looking for things that bring me joy is more my focus now. Epson salt bathes. Music ,candles,swimming. Watching certain shows on TV. Planting things in pots cooking certain foods. Think of the things you love to do and do them. Being on wifi to long makes my anxiety terrible. Turning off wifi at nite. Walking barefoot in the grass. Yes I still have anxiety but it's getting better because of little things zi do. Only have 1 cup of coffee. Avoid sugar these things all are things that together make life less stressful. Let me know what things you enjoy.

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